Immune Defense


MycoFormulas Immune Defense is a natural mushroom supplement that gives all year round?improved health &?immunity



The daily recommended dose of Immune Defense is 2 capsules a day. Each bottle contains 90 capsules, so a bottle lasts 45 days!

Immune defense supplement factsMycoFormulas Immune Defense supplement combines 10 potent medicinal mushrooms to give you all year round improved immune defense against viral and bacterial infections and harmful pathogens.?Immune Defense therefore helps you enjoy long term well-being and overall general good health. Perfect for anti-aging!

Combined, these carefully chosen medicinal mushrooms also provide you with a natural anti-oxidant, anti -inflammatory supplement?so it helps cleanse the body daily and reduce troubles caused by inflammation.??While the main focus of MycoFormulas Immune Defense is to boost and aid your natural immune response it can also be used therapeutically to improve cardiac health, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure.

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