Cordyceps Sinensis is a type of fungi that is widely used for it?s therapeutic and medicinal purposes. While mushrooms like Cordyceps Sinensis grow in the wild and have many important functions in nature, it is important to recognize that they also help people medicinally. Medicinal mushrooms have begun taking over a large chunk of the nutraceutical and supplement market. Traditionally, mushrooms like the Cordyceps mushroom, have been used as a kind of herbal medicine in Asia, and around the world, for over hundreds of years. These mushrooms are known to have biochemicals that are similar to pharmacological substances and are of great therapeutic benefit to humans. Thanks to an ever growing bank of research, mushrooms have become a popular alternative to pharmaceutical product in the prevention and treatment of specific health conditions. Using a natural mushroom product alone or as an adjunct therapy has a huge appeal. Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms are one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms being used all over the world.

Cordyceps is one of the most popular types of mushroom in the medicinal mushroom spectrum. It is still grown wild but it is also cultivated specifically to meet the needs of nutraceutical companies and the growing medicinal mushroom supplement market. There are a variety of Cordyceps medicinal mushroom products available. You can buy the fungi themselves, liquid extracts, powders, capsules, or tinctures. The dried fungi look like long, brownish-orange fingers. It can be added directly to soups and teas directly to enhance flavor.

Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms are most known for the?libido, endurance and energy boost properties. If you suffer from low testosterone or any kind of sexual dysfunction then taking a daily dose of Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms can help improve your sexual function and endurance in the bedroom as well as endurance related to general fitness and workout regimes.

MycoFormulas have an Endurance supplement specifically designed to therapeutically help you increase libido, endurance, energy and well-being. The primary ingredient is of course the Cordyceps mushroom. It contains 700mg of Cordyceps alongside 300mg Reishi and 100mg Chaga mushrooms. Like all medicinal mushroom products you get the most benefit from them when you supplement daily.


Benefits of Cordyceps?medicinal mushrooms
Cordyceps Boosts Energy
Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?improve oxygen absorption. Consequently, it enhances cellular energy production in the body; this significantly increases energy levels, allowing for bursts of energy especially for athletes, or even for non-athletes who desire more power for everyday tasks.

Cordyceps Benefits a Healthier Heart
Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties that help in overall cardiovascular health. People who use this herbal medicine are less likely to suffer heart failure. It is also beneficial as a treatment for heart rhythm disturbances, cardiac arrhythmias, and chronic heart failure.

Cordyceps Improves Cholesterol Levels
Regular use of Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?ensures cholesterol levels are balanced. Healthy cholesterol levels mean protecting your heart and other organs affected by cholesterol for disease and deterioration. For example Cholesterol influences the endocrine system so using Cordyceps mushrooms helps to maintain the endocrine system.

Cordyceps Enhances Respiratory Functions
For those suffering from respiratory conditions, Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?improves such conditions by increasing the amount of oxygen intake in the lungs. An increase in oxygen intake prevents respiratory distress and weakness, allowing the body to run more efficiently.

Cordyceps Prevents Cancers
Cordyceps mushrooms?have unique biochemical compounds that can battle against some types of cancer. There have been studies where the result shows correlations between the use of Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?and the shrinkage of the tumor size. A reduction of tumor size means that Cordyceps mushrooms?can help in slowing down the spread of cancer, making it easier to eliminate it or put it into remission. Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?also have antioxidants that can eliminate free radicals in the entire body. In some lung and skin cancers, it was also observed that the use of Cordyceps mushrooms helps in shrinking tumor sizes.

Cordyceps Strengthens the Immune System
Cordyceps medicinal?mushrooms are also known to stimulate the production of Natural Killer cells or NK cells. NK cells are the body?s first lines of defense when it comes to infection and illnesses. Such immunoprotective effects assist in defending against a vast array of ailments from common colds to cancers. Effectively, Cordyceps mushrooms?helps protect the body’s protectors. This is why Cordyceps is often used in Immune supplements.

Cordyceps is an Anti-Aging Supplement
Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?have properties that can help in rejuvenating the skin, eliminating dead cells, taking away the wrinkles and blemishes, making it an excellent anti-aging supplement. Since it does the skin well, it takes away the look of age and tiredness. This alongside the energy boosting and libido lifting properties (normally experienced as part of the aging process) really does make it an excellent mushroom to supplement with while heading into older age.

Cordyceps Detoxifies the Body
Regular Cordyceps mushroom?intake has shown notable improvement when it comes to kidney functions. It also has an effect on lowering blood sugar levels. However, this may be dangerous to diabetics. People with diabetes may consult with their doctor first before using it as a supplement. Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?are also a kind of blood thinner and must not be taken before any surgery.

As you can see Cordyceps mushrooms have a vast amount of therapeutic and medicinal properties. It is an all-round mushroom superstar!

Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?can be used to prevent and manage the following specific conditions. It is important to note that using medicinal mushrooms should not be used in place of prescription medication or other pharmacological care unless specifically discussed and agreed upon with your personal physician.
chronic bronchitis
high cholesterol
irregular heartbeat
kidney disorders
liver disorders
male sexual problems
nighttime urination
opium addiction
respiratory disorders
ringing in the ears
unwanted weight loss
other weaknesses of the body


Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms?are often used as a kind of stimulant to reduce tiredness, enhance energy, and increase the stamina. Cordyceps stimulate cells and some certain chemicals in the immune system. In some lung and skin cancers, it was also observed that the use of Cordyceps medicinal mushrooms helps in shrinking tumor sizes.

Cordyceps mushroom?is?an attractive supplement for the immune system, reducing aging effects, lengthening life, increasing oxygen uptake, detoxifying the body, preventing certain cancers, and improving the function of the liver for people with hepatitis B.

Using mushrooms to prevent as well as treat illness
Commended for all its beneficial effects in the body for over 1,000 years, the Cordyceps mushroom?really sounds like a natural wonder drug, especially when it comes to supporting the body and preventing illnesses like those listed above. It is often suggested that you should use medicinal mushrooms as a prevention technique for illnesses you are prone to, and not just a formula to treat existing illnesses. Traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes on prevention and the phrase “prevention is better than cure” can’t be any truer. A regular intake of herbal medicine such as the Cordyceps medicinal mushroom helps prevent diseases as well as treating existing conditions.

Further reading for those interested in some plant facts and history??.

Cordyceps Sinensis is a kind of parasitic fungus that thrives mainly on caterpillars in the mountainous areas of China,. That is why it is also called caterpillar fungus. It is produced when the fungi attack the caterpillar. Cordyceps Sinensis is formed when the fungus begins attacking the caterpillars by infecting them with spores during autumn and then germinates over winter. When spring arrives, the fungus will have already killed and mummified the caterpillar. The fungi grow from the caterpillar’s body. It is then collected by hand and then dried and preserved and used as herbal medicine.

The first uses of Cordyceps was recorded in Tibet in the 15th Century. Its name is considered to have been derived from the Latin words “cord” (club), “ceps” (head), and “Sinensis” (Chinese) describing its physical traits as fungi and where it originated.



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