medicinal mushroom supplementsThere’s more to mushrooms than adding extra flavor to your pizza. Medical mushrooms are actually essential for daily life, serving as a source of nutrients that have a whole range of health benefits. This isn’t a new revelation; the ancient Chinese and Egyptians valued the power of mushrooms to heal and promote longevity. Egyptians thought of mushrooms as the “plant of immortality.” Now there are medicinal mushroom supplements available so we can all benefit from the wonders of these traditional mushrooms.

While medical mushrooms have historically been a go-to for many nations, it is a relatively new concept in the dietary supplements industry. As more and more clinical studies have come to fruition in recent years, the therapeutic benefits of mushrooms have been confirmed and its usage is spreading quickly.

Mushroom supplements are renowned for their anti-cancer properties as well as offering various other vital health benefits. Mushrooms are highly absorbable by the human body and, as such, are incredibly valuable for their ability to provide strong immunity. Mushrooms are also good for lowering cholesterol and are anti-diabetic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.

There are many different types of mushrooms and each one has its own properties and benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the most beneficial mushrooms.

The Cordyceps mushroom is primarily used to increase energy and endurance. It works by stimulating the cells and certain chemicals in the immune system and increasing oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood. This, combined with the fact that the mushroom is naturally a high antioxidant, makes cordyceps to be an effective way for athletes to train for longer periods of time. Cordyceps has also been known to improve sexual function and sperm count.

The Reishi mushroom is known as the “mushroom of immortality”, probably due to its strong ability to support the immune system. The mushroom helps fight toxins, bacteria and viruses, making it a fine choice for those wishing to boost their immune system. In addition to this, it has excellent cardiovascular benefits by lowering blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. Due to its ability to enhance oxygenation of the blood, it’s been a popular supplement to use for athletes wanting to prevent altitude sickness.

The Chaga mushroom is actually the superfood with the highest level of antioxidants. The abundance of Beta-D Glucans in chaga enables it to balance the body’s immune system ? making sure to only boost the immune system when necessary and slowing it down when it’s overactive. This means that chaga is a natural biological response modifier (BRM). Chaga also has a role in helping cancer ? more studies are needed but it has so far proven effective in supporting chemotherapy.

Lion’s Mane
The Lion’s Mane mushroom improves cognitive function by regulating the development and growth of neurons. With two nerve growth factors (NGF), lion’s mane can be beneficial for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, leg cramps and more. It could also be a preventative for cognitive dysfunctions such as dementia. Research has shown that consuming lion’s mane helps aid concentration and memory, and lessens depression and anxiety.

All four of these medicinal mushrooms sound pretty impressive and there are even more mushrooms which we haven’t discussed which are also highly beneficial. You don’t want to necessarily pick one mushroom to take ? it’s best to take a few together so you can benefit from the complete range of benefits the mushrooms have to offer.

MycoForumlas has three different medicinal mushroom supplements to choose from; Memory, Endurance and Immune. Each one contains a variety of different mushrooms which have the necessary properties you need to benefit that particular area. For example, MycoFormulas Endurance & Stamina supplement contains cordyceps, reishi and chaga and the MycoFormulas Immune Defence supplement?contains 10 different immune-boosting mushrooms!

MycoFormulas Endurance & Stamina
This supplement contains Cordyceps, Reishi and Chaga which work together to improve endurance and stamina. This also includes sexual endurance, thereby benefiting men with low libido or sexual dysfunction. This is a great supplement to take if you feel like you need extra energy and support for an active lifestyle, particularly if you need an extra push when exercising.

MycoFormulas Immune Defence
10 potent mushrooms are combined in this powerful supplement to provide immune defense against bacteria and viruses. The anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties help cleanse your body, enable you to fight disease and improve cardiovascular health.

MycoFormulas Memory & Mental Clarity
The mushroom combination in the Memory supplement is known to promote healthy brain function and activate nerve tissue regeneration. With increased blood flow to the brain, you’ll benefit from increased mental clarity and memory. The supplement can also be helpful for those suffering from digestion and cholesterol problems.

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